By composing worn clothing, linens, old upholstery, and other found objects, I attempt to invoke both their alien identities and auras of familiarity. The resulting forms exist both in a realm of fantasy and tangibility, and act as sympathetic mediators for shared storytelling.

I begin with a feeling of attraction and ask the question, “Why does this satisfy me?”, in the hope that the answer will bring me closer to understanding the mysterious organization of others around me. I seek this organization in distinctly human comforts and in the urge to accumulate and curate material goods.

The objects that I accumulate are destined for new stories that I create, but I am not unaware of the stories that already exist within them, hidden away and never to be told again. This aspect of hiding and not knowing is a problem that I am contending with in an attempt to reconcile the distances between individuals engulfed in vast systems of co-influence and dissonance.